Product Personal Tracker Mobile

Climax Deutschland GmbH, Germany


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The Mobile Pro is a combination personal tracker and carephone. It can be connected to a professional emergency call center as well as to relatives. Notification of relatives takes place via SMS, voice call or WhatsApp. The message contains a link with the current position information. An emergency call can be triggered manually or by leaving a pre-defined geofence. The device consists of a base station, a handheld transmitter and a mobile device.


250 to 500€

Quotes by testers (People with Dementia):

  • “It’s a good size, it’s easy to store in the flat. The small portable part, is handy, easy to carry in the handbag.”
  • “Good, once I had a problem and it was responded to immediately.”
  • “It’s 1000 per cent fine. I feel safe.”
  • “Volume is very good, great range (into hallway).”