Tribu News

Tribu News, Belgium


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A family newspaper. Every month, all family members share their best photos and stories in the Tribu News app, resulting in a newspaper. This newspaper is printed at the end of the month, after which the grandparents (or parents, or children, or the reader of choice) receive it.

Premium: same product, only more quality finish and thicker paper.


Interaction is with the app by the family members. There is not much interaction for the person with dementia.


0 to 50€

Quotes by testers (People with Dementia):

  • “I have had it already for 1 year and I’m super happy with it. I don’t have a smartphone or tablet, only a PC, but it’s all hard for me to use because I’m a bit shaky, so this newspaper is the best communication device.”
  • “She doesn’t speak anymore, but she says ‘nice’ and starts smiling when looking at the magazine. She holds it in her hands and turns the pages independently which means a lot in her stage of dementia.”
  • “The third magazine is coming soon and I’m so looking forward to it. I sometimes don’t have a lot of patience. It was my birthday this month and now I have to wait until next month to see the pictures.”