Data Protection Policy

This data protection policy establish on the continuity of our quality and transparency policy. The data protection is at the center of all our concerns, it builds our relation with our customers on trust.

1. On what applies this data protection policy?

This data protection policy applies to all the data collected on our website “RSCN” and all the data collected by our platform.
This policy doesn’t apply to others Internet website including the website we mentioned.

2. Which type of data we collect?

Due to the principle of minimization we collect only the data what we need.
• During your browsing on the website we collect the data that you write on our contact form, as : name, first name, job, phone number, type of request.
• Our platform collect only data necessary for the proper functioning of itself.

3. Are we collect your IP address and your cookies?

No, your IP address is not collect, and we didn’t use cookies. However, we can use your localization and the computer server use, only for a statistic and system administration purpose. But these data are not personal, it means that we can’t identify you with these data.
In no way we collect personal information.

4. How we use your personal data?

• Data which come from the website are stocked in our professional database. We can potentially send you newsletter with your agreement. These data will be never send to a third party.
• Data from the using of the smart platform RSCN are made anonymous, protected and encrypted. They are use only for research goal and in no way resold to a third party and to a commercial using.

5. How you can access to your personal data?

You can contact us with a simple mail to :, or by post to : 11 Round Point Schuman, B1040 Bruxelles, to consult your personal data that we have on our possession. Then you can ask us to delete, change, complete and clarify the data.
We try to answer with the greatest possible clarity and transparency.

6. Share us your personal data?

Absolutely not ! We do not share you personal data apart from the RSCN team, which is bound by professional secrecy.

7. Were we stock you personal data?

  • The data collected by the website are stocked and secured on our database.
  • The data collected during the using of the RSCN platform are directly anonymized (dissociation between the person and his data), crypted and stocked on certified servers, which have the agreement for the health data host.

8. Who deals with your personal data?

Your data are deals by authorized employees, under the responsibility of the Data Protection Officer, John Farrell.
During the using of the platform, your data are processed by the software, and the healthcare professionals.

9. Our data are transferred in others countries out of Europa?

In no way your data are transferred in another area outside the European Union.

10. You data are conserved in a safety place?

We are committed the protection of personal data, our objective is to retains in the most secure way, and this during all the during of processing personal data by the software.
To achieve this goal we put all of our technical, physical and organizational forces to avoid data leakage and data corruption. It comes down to :

  • The data collected by our website are stocked on a software for professional database, validate by our Quality Management System (QMS).
  • The health data linked to the using of the RSCN platform are stocked in a healthcare data hosting, which have an agreement by the state that would ensure their secured conservation.

Respect the data protection is an obligation for all employees who making a point of at this realization.

We inform to you that the present data protection policy is susceptible to evolve by us.
Local disposition – France
According to the law N°78-17 on the January 6. 1978, relative to the computing, to the files and to the liberties. You have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete any data concerning you. To exercise this right you must send us a letter with your request accompanied with a proof of your identity.